As-salāmu`alaykum(Peace be upon you)

Bismillah, Myself Abir, My first identity-a Muslim.“I’m totally against Religious War”. I am Bangladeshi citizen. Fiery tempered. Moderately talkative. Not expert to start the conversation, but fun-loving and friend loving. Idealist. Middle-class student(Engineering life is not so easy). Al-hamdulliah(Thanks be to Allah). Fond of games, cartoons and superhero comics (constantly trying to get rid of these). Fan of martial arts(Army Man’s). The goal of my life is ‘going to Jannah(Haven)’. No Dreams & Happy Sleeping. To be honest, I’m a careless & unaplamb person. I want a carefree life but with rules. I like well disciplined(male) & covering(female) persons . I like dazzling colors. And lover of Pink Color. And The Main Thing that you have to know is, “There is no similarity between my work and words”. So it’s not so easy to understand me.

Jazak Allah Khairan(May Allah reward you with blessings)
Fi Amanillah(May Allah protect you)